Our members

An alliance is not an institution (see alliance Map). It does not have members and management bodies as an association might.

The influence of every individual depends on what they bring to the collective project, not their official position. Consequently, an Alliance ‘member’ is any individual or institution that:

  • Recognises the importance of responsibility as the backbone of ethics in the 21st century;
  • Adheres to the two foundational documents: the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities and the founding charter of Alliance-Respons;
  • Promotes the principles of the Universal Declaration and widens the Alliance’s audience;
  • Agrees to take part in the collective adventure, which involves respecting the ensuing work procedures;
  • Agrees to have their name on this website.

Consultative Committee

  • Betsan Martin, President - New Zealand
  • Yolanda Ziaka, Vice President - Greece
  • Pinky Cupino - Philippines
  • Isis de Palma - Brazil
  • Sudha Reddy - India