Œconomy Transition to a responsible, plural, and solidarity-based economy
Governance Democratic and responsible governance
Global community Citizen practices for world citizenship
Interdependences between humanity and the biosphere Perennial planetary balances and the wellbeing of human societies
Responsability A pivotal concept, the backbone of the ethics of the twenty-first century
Education Education to responsibility and world citizenship


Healthy nutritious food accessible to all is one of the most profound themes of human responsibility. Food security and food production are the very interface of humans with nature – our source of life comes from water and soil and air and oceans. In the articles in this Alliance for Responsibility Newsletter we see citizenship and collective engagement as a key theme of responsibility. One of the articles in the Universal Declaration of Responsibility affirms the power of uniting with others, becoming informed and acting together...
Here follows the third issue of our Newsletter :

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Pierre Caro of the organization A6 Association, in the Loire region (France), is asking for contributions on the topic, “Why and how would you wish to live well for a long time in this last third of your life, 30/90 years, and tomorrow probably 40/120 years?” in view of developing a MOOC called “Preparing a long retirement and ageing period”. (The final content and title will be decided by the participants.)

All proposals and documents must be sent before 15 June 2018.
Email: pierrecaro@sfr.fr

Read more, the reflection theme in French.

Concord (European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development) vient de publier son nouveau rapport sur l’aide au développement au niveau de l’Union Européenne.
Quels sont les liens entre les agendas européens d’aide au développement et des migrations dans le contexte actuel ? Le nouveau rapport de Concord éclaire les liens entre ces deux politiques et identifie trois tendances décrivant comment l’aide de l’Union Européenne est utilisée pour freiner les migrations.

Le rapport est accompagné d’infographies animées ; en anglais.


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