A decentralized Climate Chance in Southeast Asia and the Pacific in 2018

Pierre CALAME, agosto 2017

Explanatory statement:

The principle of holding Climate Chance in the country taking the annual presidency of the COP or in the area of the world of which it is part is a good way of:

  • truly internationalizing Climate Chance;

  • getting the local actors involved in the organization of the event;

  • getting strong visibility (presence of champions, link with the Agenda of Solutions, media mobilization).

The Fiji Islands’ presidency of the COP23 offers Climate Chance an opportunity to mobilize one of the areas of the world most affected by climate change. But Fiji itself is too small to consider organizing on its territory an event of the magnitude of Climate Chance.

The solution consequently adopted for the COP itself, which is to hold the conference in Bonn under Fijian presidency, is not particularly satisfactory. It nevertheless shows that in the Pacific region there was no partner neutral enough to be preferred to Bonn.

Neither are the two alternative solutions for Climate Chance satisfactory, i.e. to organize a mini Climate Chance in Fiji itself or to organize outside of Fiji a single event in one of the large countries of the Pacific. Hence the idea of a decentralized South Asia/Pacific Climate Chance, where each country or country area hosts workshops on one of the annual summit’s topics.

Full text in French.

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