Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities 2015

collective work, December 2015

The universal declaration of the human responsibilities is the main reference text of Alliance-Respons. Its contents were the object at first of the Charter of the human responsibilities, developed by the workgroup on the ethics of the Alliance for a responsible and united world and adopted by four hundred participants of citizens’ world Assembly in Lille, in December 2001. From 2002 till 2012, it is this text, translates in numerous languages, that allowed to discuss principles of the responsibility in twenty-first century and to verify that these principles find an echo in the most diverse circles, since basic communities in India or in Colombia up to the administrators of heritage.

At the approach of the summit Rio+20 of 2012, a new step was crossed : develop with jurists a shorter text the principles of which can be gradually taken back in Codes of Business Ethics and in national or international legal jurisprudence. The universal declaration of the human responsibilities, amended marginally with the aim of the negotiation on the climate, COP21, in December, 2015, is the fruit of this evolution.

telechargement universal_declaration_of_the_human_responsability015.pdf (65 KiB)