Developing community partnership to mainstream sustainable development

The case of the Federation of People’s Sustainable Development Cooperative (FPSDC)

Hidelita Bernal, September 2016

The case study examines the efficacy and challenges of the FPSDC’s value chain social solidarity economy model of community finance, production and consumption. Achievements noted include an average of PHP 5million worth of community products marketed monthly, communities sharing overall income and having self-determination over its investment. The case study also uses reflections on the project from external commentators as a further analysis of its efficacy, e.g. the programme’s success in promoting organic, healthy and indigenous products in influencing consumer behavior and the high success rates in vulnerable regions such as Mindanao. Further reflections suggest using technology to increase the reach and efficiency of the programme and more explicitly integrating responsibility as a core concept in the programme’s advocacy.

Case study period: 1998 - present

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