Mapping Our Futures : Highlander Center Economic and Governance Curriculum

The Highlander’s Project

Susan Williams, Nina Gregg, March 2017

Highlander Center is a popular education workshop center in Tennessee, in the United States. Highlander has worked on economic and racial justice over 85 years, encouraging local communities and regional efforts in the Southern and Appalachian United States to organize for justice.

Our “Mapping our Futures – Economic and Governance Curriculum” was developed as a participatory and adaptable process for marginalized communities to come together to :

  • strengthen relationships,

  • assess their situation related to the intertwined economic and governance systems,

  • share and research their local communities,

  • be inspired by work being done around the world and eventually finding alternatives that build local economies and community power.

The curriculum is framed with a set of values and principles, including the concept of responsibility. Highlander is co-creating this curriculum with community leaders, economists and other resource people, as well as national and international partners, testing versions of the curriculum with communities, training community leaders to facilitate and researching solutions through our partnership with Beautiful Solutions: A Toolbox for Liberation.

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