Pierre Caro

Member of the Alliance


He is devoting his retirement - 1999 - to research on retirement and ageing.

The increase in life expectancy and that in the world population are going to be perhaps the problems most essential and difficult to solve for future generations, at least until the end of this century.

The right to retirement as well as to that of ageing in the peace must apply to all women and all men of the planet.

Undertaking one’s retirement and mastering one’s ageing are two essential conditions to preserve autonomy and independence through the maintenance of our intellectual, physical, and mental capacities.

The work chosen is a tool and a universal, human, and social bond. We have the ethical duty and the human responsibility to invite the four, five, or even six generations to live together and to undertake the construction of a responsible and plural world.

Present society has no historical equivalent. We must invite the young generations to benefit from our successes and to avoid reproducing our mistakes.

To know more Pierre Caro, you can watch this video: « retirement and long aging » (in french)