Research and evaluation of innovative and social solutions (RESOLIS)

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The French organization RESOLIS seeks to identify, evaluate and highlight innovative field actions that promote social progress.

RESOLIS was established on the idea that knowledge can be used to promote social progress. Field actions with a social goal are generous, and many are innovative, but knowledge and good practices are not shared nor structured adequately. This undermines the effectiveness and visibility of these actions.

RESOLIS wants to create an “action field science” by applying the golden rule of science: the systematic capitalization of knowledge - thanks to the peer-reviewed publication of results.

This would allow the field workers to receive better recognition, and their actions to have a larger impact.

With the support and trust of its partners, Resolis has been able to undertake a number of actions to identify and capitalise on innovations and socially oriented best practice from the field. The programs we lead cover emblematic themes: poverty in France, energy poverty, responsible and sustainable agriculture, education and knowledge. Their roll-out highlights the inventiveness and commitment of actors in the field to support the major transitions of our society

By making this objective and qualified information available, RESOLIS intends to contribute to the knowledge base of social and humanitarian action, to encourage work between associations and inspire research projects.