Agadir Declaration of Climate Actors

Stepping up climate action and goals together

September 2017

The community of climate actors who assemble during the Climate Chance Summits believes that climate action is intrinsically linked to the sustainable development challenges, as was reaffirmed during declarations at the World Summit Climate and Territories in Lyon in 2015 and during the Climate Chance Summit in Nantes in 2016:

“Measures aiming at limiting climate change must also help face the other great challenges of our century and vice-versa, such as poverty alleviation, access to sustainable energy, water, and other resources, sustainable urban and rural development, food sovereignty, gender equality, decent work and workers’ rights, including those of farmers; respect for the rights of indigenous peoples, protection of forests and biodiversity, preservation of natural resources etc. Affirming and demonstrating these synergies is necessary to engage all stakeholders into a successful greenhouse gas emissions phase-out pathway. Particular attention should be paid to adaptation actions, which have to foster resilience and a sustainable development at the local and subnational level, building on local and regional initiatives and traditional knowledge; the need to ensure a fair transition for territories, companies, and their employees during this period of transformation towards a low-carbon economy; and the need to strengthen the influence of women and their capacity for action, in particular in local governance. We also recognize the fundamental role of education, since raising awareness among the youngest generations and strengthening their ability to take action are crucial challenges in a changing world. Involving them in our decisions, is ensuring transition”.

Given the scope of the challenges and the increasingly unstable climate situation, it is our collective responsibility to urgently ramp up our actions on all levels - citizens, actors from civil society, local and subnational governments, National Governments…-. We should accelerate the implementation of the transition and establish a shared operational calendar. While meeting in Agadir, climate actors from all over the world laid out their priorities.

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