3-7 de noviembre de 2019 en Bangkok, Thailand : 10th WEEC 2019, Local Global Connectivity.

Bangkok (Thailand)
November 3-7, 2019
Local Global Connectivity

ORGANIZERS: Faculty of Environment, Kasetsart University

THEME: Local Knowledge, Communication and Global Connectivity

On the one hand, local knowledge (based on direct relationship with places, experience, heritage inherited from generation to generation) offers contextualized solutions, technologies appropriate to diversity of situations, sense of belonging, emotional involvement, participation opportunities and concrete action.
On the other hand, humans are linked by a common destiny: they are now connected by thousand powerful channels of communication and are mutually interconnected by the effects of everything that happens on the globe. Continuous exchanges of materials and information are the hallmark of the phase that humanity has come to. More than ever, the classic statement of environmental thought that every local thing is global and vice versa is true.

The environmental education allows individuals to explore environmental issues, to raise their awareness and to be responsible for environmental care in their society. In addition, people will be able to share one’s knowledge and academic experiences to others. As a result, the exchange or the reciprocal knowledge will bring solutions concerning global change and climate change for the present and future.