6 April 2018, in Paris, France : The 1st symposium ‘For responsible scientific research’ - registration open!

The human species is currently jeopardising its own survival. Why is our scientific knowledge not helping us set things right?

What roles are today’s researchers playing in accelerating or repairing Man-made damages? If each person’s responsibility is proportionate to what they have, their power and their knowledge, then questioning the practices of professional researchers now needs to go beyond just philosophical considerations.

The Citizen Science association, after having reaffirmed its findings and proposals in ‘A Manifesto for a Responsible Scientific Research’, is pursuing its reflection and organising in 2018 a Cycle of symposiums on responsibility in research.

The variations of this theme over three days distributed throughout the year should enable us to embrace the various dimensions of responsibility in research, and also leave time for intellectual developments. The Scientific Council met to set the programme and chose to approach the following topics: the responsibility of institutions (in April 2018); trade practices in research (in May 2018); and possible counter-models (in September 2018).

The first of the three symposiums will take place on Friday, 6 April 2018, at the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, on the invitation of Senator Joel Labbé.

This first event will study the responsibilities of the institutions financing, producing and communicating research, with a view to showing the increasing importance of private interests in the scientific and technical choices made. This influence affects both the knowledge produced and the knowledge considered as non-relevant (hence not produced) by the research system. Concepts (such as ‘scientific excellence’) are offered to justify a decision and a form of producing and evaluating research; the legitimacy of these concepts will be discussed during this first symposium.
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Admission is free, but places are limited and you will not be able to access the symposium if you are not registered.
For more information, download the draft program (in french), here.